Alternatives to Safelite Windshield Repair Service

techs replacing a windshield

A cracked windshield can be an unexpected annoyance that can disrupt your daily routine and compromise your safety on the road. When facing such a situation, many people turn to well-known services like Safelite for windshield repair. However, it’s important to know that Safelite is not the only option available when it comes to windshield […]

Why does ADAS affect your glass replacement?

image of broken windshield - Superior Windshield Repair

Why does ADAS affect your glass replacement? Automotive technology has come a long way in recent years. One significant advancement has been the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These systems use sensors and cameras to help drivers avoid collisions and stay safe on the road. While the technology in modern vehicles is great […]

Is insurance steering illegal?

Is insurance steering illegal? If you own a vehicle, you must have insurance coverage – it’s that simple. When you get into an accident, this coverage is there to help absorb your losses. But does that mean you have to use the company the insurance provider tells you to? Isn’t that considered insurance steering? Insurance […]

What is Windshield Calibration

Car windshield being repaired at Annapolis location

What is Windshield Calibration? While it may seem like your windshield is simply a piece of glass that allows you to see the road clearly, there‚Äôs more to it than meets the eye. Modern windshields have cameras, sensors, and other technological accessories under the advanced driver assistance systems or ADAS, which need to be calibrated. […]