Sunroof Glass Repair and Replacement


Just like a windshield, your sunroof glass can become cracked, chipped or broken. When it becomes time to fix or replace your sunroof glass, it’s imperative that you find an experience auto glass repair company to ensure the integrity of your sunroof remains in tact. 


At Superior Windshield, we offer honest and reliable auto glass services. Our techs are expertly trained and professional which ensures you get the job done right the first time. 

Mobile and In Shop Services

For local Annapolis MD residents and those in the surrounding, we ofer in shop auto glass repair services. As a resident in or near Annapolis, you can visit our shop for white glove service. 

Not able to visit the local shop? No problem, we can come to you. With our mobile sunroof replacement service our professional glas repair pros can come to replace your sunroof at home, the office, or wherever your vehicle is located. 

The Sunroof Glass Replacement Process

Replacing your sunroof glass can be done in a fairly short period of time for our experienced technicians. Every car model is somewhat different but the process is similar no matter the vehicle. 

Here is what you can expect our team to do.

  • Carefully remove the old sunroof glass

  • Clean up any broken glass and prepare the area

  • Install the new glass

  • Before securing the glass, check its alignment to ensure it fits properly

  • Test the sunroof functions and clean up

It’s important that great care is taken when replacing the glass of any window but especially the glass of a sunroof. Our team works diligently to ensure the job is done in a timely manner, without sacrificing quality of work.


Choose a Professional Auto Glass Replacement Company

Sunroof glass replacement is not something that should be attempted by untrained individuals. While replacement glass can be purchased online, it is not advised to approach it as a DIY project. 


Improper replacement could lead to leaks, improper function of the sunroof, or damages to the vehicle or the sunroof itself. This is why it is essential to find a qualified, trustworthy auto glass company to replace your sunroof glass. 


You have options when it comes to auto glass repair specialists in Annapolis Maryland. Make sure to choose a company who can not only service your needs, but will do the job right the first time. At Superior Windshield Repair, we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and reliability. We treat our customers with respect, not like just another invoice. 

If your sunroof is due for a replacement, then give us a call. 410-263-1155. We make it easy to repair or replace your damaged automobile glass.